50 Shades of Greys

During the past twenty five years visiting hundreds of chambers and law firms up and down the country from Dewsbury County Court to The Bailey and RCJ, Measuring up pupils, Partners judges and Silks (in no particular order) I have made thousands of grey suits. Here are a few pointers to help you choose your next grey suit:


The classic grey suit has been hanging wardrobes of barristers and solicitors for many years finding that the perfect grey suit requires a little thought and consideration. Firstly how many suits have you got in your wardrobe and do you rotate them on a daily basis? If you are on a budget choose a plain colour and consider extra trousers to get more longevity from your purchase. To avoid the look of a “one suit wonder” choose a variety of shirt tie and cufflink combinations to help pull the wool over the eyes of your audience and create the illusion of having array of tailored suits.

Luckily the more senior you get the more acceptable it is to wear light shades. Unfortunately however, the older you get the lighter your hair colouring becomes but thankfully this works perfectly with the mid grey colours. Those who are fortunate enough to retain a head of black or darker hair look better with darker stronger colours.

Lighter shades work better in the summer but fabric which is too light will look strikingly out of place. If you only have the one suit then it’s best to stick to the darker colours as lighter shades will make you stand out.

When you’re choosing your fabric from the ranges of plains, herringbones, checks, pinstripes and many more it can be a minefield. Personally I prefer to tailor a variety of cloths to give my clients the variety needed to personalise their suit collection. Some of my clients have had the same colour same style tailored every time with the only change being measurements due to too holiday festivities or extended levels of stress.

Having pioneered coloured linings with the Manchester Bar over thirty years ago the consideration on a coloured lining is firstly avoid being be too flashy unless you have the personality to carry it off and secondly consider what colour shirts you wear, coloured linings need a white shirt or a shirt that compliments the lining to avoid a rainbow effect.

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