Dale Rhodes started working for his father Bert Rhodes back in the 80s and learnt how to become a bespoke cutter and fitter. The company had downsized at its peak it had 14 shops and a factory employing over a hundred workers.

The new company was a tenth of the original size and back in the 80s The tailoring industry was generally at a low ebb so Dale introduced the visiting service to measure clients at their offices. The service soon took off in Leeds and manchester and London soon followed.

These days with hundreds of clients across the country Dale meets them on location at his Dewsbury workshops or on Savile Row without the Savile Row price tag.

A proper Northerner Dale has amongst his clients Bankers, Lawyers and Celebrities and tailors suits for all occasions from wedding suits, dinner suits, business suits and from one offs to complete wardrobe planning.

With three children one grandchild hobbies include Leeds United, Cycling and Tailoring. Dale is also known for his Northern Banter.

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