Buying Your First Suit

We have made thousands of suits for people of all ages, shapes and sizes to be worn for business, weddings and every other occasion required. In that time we have gained enough experience to guide each and every one in the right direction on fabric type to choose from the best cut that will suit the customer and which style and design options they should choose.

Our presentations can take a few minutes for repeat orders if the client wants a new suit with a few subtle changes but for first timers we know they might require a little time.

We always start with the fabric and have bunches of cloths that you can choose from. We use fabrics that are of the very best quality but let me justify this statement. Fabrics made in Huddersfield are generally regarded as amongst the best in the world, a quick internet search would garner all the proof you need. Over the last few years in particular the mills have played to their strengths, with the demand increasing for smaller amounts of quality fabrics for tailors who will typically spend far more per metre than the labels who sell brand before quality. Not naming names…

To further justify this please visit our online pattern service and order some patterns, you don’t need to be a tailor to feel the difference, our cloths are as good as it gets.

If we meet you (or if you use our online chat) and start to understand your requirements and budget we can help point you to the right fabric ranges that best suit your needs both practically and financially. My article 50 shades of grey is well worth a read before choosing the colour and design, particularly for business suits.

When ordering from us you can choose the lining colour and once again we can narrow down the choices with you to make sure your suit is unique and individual whilst retaining its classic roots.

Once we have sorted the fabric we run through the options of cut. The key is to find what cut you desire, we know that the younger client would prefer the slimmer fitted cuts and appreciate that older clients may value comfort over fashion. Despite this we pride ourselves on being able  to deliver the comfort and retaining as much of the look as possible. With many years of experience we pride ourselves on being able to measure our clients with relative swiftness by sizing them up on sight, as we are aware that the process can be viewed as tedious or time consuming. Your needs come first.

This is where you finish adding the unique touches to your suit, the choices between single or double breasted, buttons, cuffs, pockets and vents. The clients shape might point towards one choice becoming the better option, consultation can allow us to help you pick the options that will make you look as classy as possible.

You can try our Suit Builder software to get a preview of the options available. We try to create a lasting relationship with our clients here, as the many testimonies to Dale and his craft will show the Northern friendly atmosphere we pride ourselves on bringing to a traditionally stuffy industry.

It is always hugely beneficial to be recommended to a good tailor by a colleague or friend. Also beware of reviews online unless you know they are genuine.

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