The Experience

How it works

When we designed our online experience way wanted to create an environment for people to use our system to order clothing directly from the UK from the best of british fabrics.

We offer tailoring at a quality and price combination you will not find elsewhere. This service is perfect for those who can not get to meet us and for our existing clients to re order.

Our Fabrics

View online now

Our fabrics are woven at English Mills or sourced from English Merchants. With hundreds of fabrics available ranging from exclusive web clearance offers to different fabrics including tweeds, mohairs, tartans and more.

Once you have found a fabric you like the look of we don’t expect you to commit to a tailored suit. You can choose to order a swatch of the fabric and as many others as you like.

We are so confident in the system we have designed that if you can’t find the fabric you’re after you can contact us and we will find and source the material you desire.


How to video

Through the “Shop” tab either at the top of the page or on the home page, you can view the thousands of fabrics we stock and work with.

To buy your tailored garment we designed the Dale Rhodes Suit Builder. This software allows you to input all of your sizes and personalisation options for a completely unique suit or shirt, using the “Sizing and Details” button to submit your personalisation form.

The how to video goes through this in more detail.

Help & Information

We are here to help

We know how confusing all of this can get, so as you go through the process we try to remind you as frequently as possible to make sure the order you pay for in the checkout is the same as the suit or garment you have built and submitted to us via the Suit Builder.

If any more assistance is required do not hesitate to use the live chat feature, email or phone.