Visiting Chambers

We started visiting tailoring over twenty years ago, we knew the quality of our product but we needed more orders. Weeks of cold calling and networking finally landed us at the then Hollins Chambers (now Turner Parker) in Manchester and within a year a large proportion of the Manchester Bar had subscribed to the visiting service.

Word spread and shortly clients from Liverpool, London and Leeds were ordering suits. The last twenty years have been a huge upturn for us and thanks to the new service I can also count having made many friends at the bar and playing football with the Manchester lads as personal benefits to the surge in business. I visited the RCJ and measured Lord Justices and have even been in the Bailey NO1… Lord Justice Evans gave me a tour, I wasn’t in the dock!

I have attended many parties and Christmas dinners and now I am involved in the IBC (thanks to help from clients who organise things.) I can honestly say I have really enjoyed the journey so far.

Existing Portfolio of Chambers Visited

1 Brick Court
1 Crown Office row
1 King’s Bench Walk
12 King’s Bench Walk
11 King’s Bench Walk
11 Stone Buildings
1 Essex Court
14 Gray’s Inn Square
18 Red Lion Court
2 Bedford Row
2 Hare Court
20 Essex Court
23 Essex Street
25 Bedford Row
29 Bedford Row
3 Hare Court
3 Paper Buildings
3 Temple Gardens
3/4 South Square
36 Bedford Row
37 Park Square
39 Essex Street
3 Verulam Builddings
4 King’s Bench Walk
4 Pump Court
4 Stone Buildings
4 Paper Buildings
42 Bedford Row
5 Essex Court
5 King’s Bench Walk
5 Paper Buildings
5 Pump Court
5 St Andrews Hill
6 Kings Bench Walk
6 Park Square
6 Pump Court
7 Bedford Row
7 Harrington Street
7 Kings Bench walk
9 Kings Bench Walk
9 St John Street
9-12 Bell Yard
Atkins Bevan
Brick Court
Byrom Street
Deans Court
Fountain Court
Hollis Whiteman
Lincoln House
No1 Chancery lane
Number 5
One Garden Court
Park Court
Park Lane
St Jame’s
St Johns Buildings
Temple Gardens
37 Park Square

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